Beautiful creations

Arti likes quality, unique details and something that is different from most of the Interior shops that you can find. When she bye or make her own things she really think it trough. Sometimes she can make a little prototype of the things she is going to buy or make! The Interior should be nice, elegant, practical (not always), unique and timeless. The color should be white/beige in different “tones”. Material/textiles; wood, porcelain, finer, crystal, metal, silver, leather and wool. A mix of elegant, glamour, rich, old and funky style!
She loves furniture and textiles from India, especially the handmade! Even if you buy the same table you will never get it 100% similar :-).Unique and just for Arti. The “Gustavian” style and handwork is also beautiful!
After many years of research and knowledge she can say that she likes Danish, Indian and Netherlands design and many more, it’s fantastic and one of a kind!
The furniture from Asia, a touch of old fashion (gustavian), fresh good air and modern style will be Arti definition of a “dream home” just for her to relax, enjoy and breath in! The feeling of light colors, fresh air and wellness is wonderful; this helps her to relax with her family from the stressful everyday life.
In Arti’s Interior world you will find lots of things she likes and enjoys everyday! Don’t be too careful to use things that are beautiful and precious. Treat yourself with respect and live like a Queen! You are unique. Use you best crystal, silver or what means something to you. Remember you don’t live forever! Use it and enjoy every day!